for Division 5

Sunshine Coast Council Election 2020

What you can expect from Greens on Council

Local Government Initiatives

It shouldn’t be up to the community to fundraise and fight bad planning decisions in court when they should not have been made by the Council in the first place.

Greens on Council will:
  • Protect our lifestyle and biodiversity from the impacts of poor planning decisions and inappropriate development.
  • Transfer the power away from developers and back to the community by involving you directly in development decisions.
  • Support an Indigenous Rangers program to improve land and water management.
  • Strengthen recycling initiatives and phase out single-use plastic containers.

Public transport and public infrastructure should be available for the public to use on fair and reasonable terms, and not be continually charged for access to services and infrastructure we already own. It’s time we put the public back in to service.

Greens on council will:
  • Advocate for regular, reliable, affordable and accessible public transport between communities and business centres.
  • Modernise local laws to address changes in road usage and improve parking conditions.
  • Increase pedestrian, mobility scooter and cyclist safety.
  • Provide resources and support for community service providers including affordable housing, family violence support and disability services.

Everyone should be able to see where elected officials are spending public money, free of conflicting interests. Your Council had 208 secret meetings last term compared to Noosa’s 16. The trust in this Council has been destroyed, and it’s time to rebuild with a new, more open system of governance.

Greens on Council will:
  • Immediately commence live video streaming of Council meetings.
  • Hold far fewer closed Council meetings.
  • Create an anonymous whistle-blower program to report corruption.
  • Require conflicts of interest to be declared and made public prior to Council meetings.

This summer has shown us what lies ahead if we continue to ignore the science and allow short term economics to guide decisions. The cost of doing nothing has far outstripped the cost of action, and the time to act is now!

Greens on Council will:
  • Enact stronger climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.
  • Better prepare for more frequent and more intense bushfire and flooding events.
  • Improve the Coast’s capacity to care for injured, rare and threatened wildlife.
  • Declare a Climate Emergency.

Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm your candidate for Division 5 in the Sunshine Coast Council Election 2020, on the traditional lands of the Kubi Kubi and Jinibara.

I am a long serving high school teacher of English and The Arts, mother of two and an active participant in environmental projects locally and internationally.

I have lived in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for 12 years and truly value this beautiful and diverse part of Queensland.

Born in Wide Bay, I completed university degrees in Bathurst NSW and Melbourne Victoria where I lived for 10 years prior to returning to my home state. Living in other states and capital cities exposed me to the wide variety of views, values and policies common to progressive, caring, sustainable communities; the type of community I hope we can continue to grow on the Sunshine Coast.

For this election, I consider the following issues most relevant and prevalent, which I hope will resonate strongly with my community in Division 5:

  • Declare a climate emergency - strengthening our climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.
  • Advocate for greater participatory democracy in council’s decision making to increase transparency, trust and integrity.
  • Address the over-development and habitat loss the Coast is experiencing.
  • Increase community housing to tackle the growing issue of housing unaffordability, homelessness and over-inflated rental prices.

The Sunshine Coast is a rapidly growing region and it concerns me greatly that the social and environmental concerns of our people are being disregarded through a series of questionable approvals by the current Council.

I am proud to be an active member of the Queensland Greens and it is an honour to stand as the candidate for Division 5. I look forward to sharing my vision for a society of equality, ecological sustainability and justice, for all of us.

Will you help me?


  • BA Arts (Communications - Theatre/Media)
  • Grad. Dip Education (University of Melbourne)
  • Assoc. Dip Psychology (in progress)

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