Transparency, Trust & Integrity

Everyone should be able to see where elected officials are spending public money, free of conflicting interests. Your Council had 208 secret meetings last term compared to Noosa’s 16. The trust in this Council has been destroyed, and it’s time to rebuild with a new, more open system of governance.

Greens on Council will:
  • Immediately commence live video streaming of Council meetings.
  • Hold far fewer closed Council meetings.
  • Create an anonymous whistle-blower program to report corruption.
  • Require conflicts of interest to be declared and made public prior to Council meetings.

Our democracy is broken. Corporate interests and big money have taken hold and shut the community out. The gap between rich and poor has grown too wide, and most people have not seen real income growth in decades.

To add further insult to the community, the only beneficiaries of Town Planning Amendments and large scale developments on the Sunshine Coast have been the ultra wealthy, and the network of connections they have in and around our elected Councillors and Mayor.

The sheer volume of conflicting interests that have now (forcibly) been declared shows just how deep this network runs, but we are still in the dark about how much money it has taken out of ratepayers pockets.


Because this council has used the veil of secrecy to hide the transactions, the true beneficiaries, and the massive conflicts they have in deciding who gets what, and when.

To rebuild trust in government requires full and open public meetings, live streamed to anyone that wishes to listen in, without limits. Closed meetings need to be limited to only the negotiations of commercial terms. Every other local government seems to have no issues mentioning successful tender pricing, so why should ours?

We know from the work of State Administrators at Logan and Ipswich that when allowed to operate unchecked, those in power seek only to remain in power for the benefit of themselves and their close network of allies.

But who would want to be known as the one that derailed the gravy train? Well, because the gravy train is funded by our community, and virtually everyone else that pays rates, we will gladly send it down a dead end siding, because that is the only way our rates are going to go down for a change.

With the Greens in Council will you get an anonymous whistle-blower program to report corruption, removing the networks of greed from within the council, and rebuilding the integrity of our council and its employees.

We will also change the conflict of interest requirements so that Councillors are required to *publically* declare and publish details of conflict at least 24 hours in advance, and leave it up to public scrutiny as to whether or not they should still be allowed a vote, by the remaining councillors being bound to the will of the public and not their own, often biased opinions.

Trust in council has been destroyed but with your vote, we can rebuild it in a more open and honest council setting.