Town Planning That Protects Our Community

It shouldn’t be up to the community to fundraise and fight bad planning decisions in court when they should not have been made by the Council in the first place.

Greens on Council will:
  • Protect our lifestyle and biodiversity from the impacts of poor planning decisions and inappropriate development.
  • Transfer the power away from developers and back to the community by involving you directly in development decisions.
  • Support an Indigenous Rangers program to improve land and water management.
  • Strengthen recycling initiatives and phase out single-use plastic containers.

Has it ever felt like all this development on the Sunshine Coast only ever seems to benefit a few big contractors and large developers? And why is it the community gets so little say in what can and can’t go where, and under what conditions?

While development is necessary for the ongoing growth and prosperity of our population, it ought to be done in a harmonious and equitable manner that brings benefits to everyone, and not just the top 1%.

The pro-development lobby has held far too much favour in Council of late, with the Town Plan being modified more than 50 times over 22 rounds to make way for proposed and now complete developments. Development proposals should be modified to suit the Town Plan, not the other way around!

Our planning initiatives would give the communities most affected by the impacts of development decisions the greatest say in whether or not they are to be approved, or under what conditions any approval would be acceptable to the community.

Development must also remain sustainable, with a net positive triple bottom line: 1. good for the people 2. good for the planet 3. good for the pocket

To remain sustainable, we must also reduce the impact and environmental cost of simply living, with an enhanced recycling system that differentiates the recovery value across more materials, and sends less waste to landfill (or worse). Everyone should be offered a green waste bin as a standard service, as well as an additional bin for paper and cardboard.

It’s time to listen to the people, prepare for a new Town Plan in 2022, and learn from the traditions of the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara people that successfully managed the land and water for tens of thousands of years, if we plan for future generations to enjoy it for another ten thousand more.