Community Safety & Transport

Public transport and public infrastructure should be available for the public to use on fair and reasonable terms, and not be continually charged for access to services and infrastructure we already own. It’s time we put the public back in to service.

Greens on council will:
  • Advocate for regular, reliable, affordable and accessible public transport between communities and business centres.
  • Modernise local laws to address changes in road usage and improve parking conditions.
  • Increase pedestrian, mobility scooter and cyclist safety.
  • Provide resources and support for community service providers including affordable housing, family violence support and disability services.

Do you have issues with traffic safety, parking and pedestrian access where you live? Has recent development removed or restricted your ability to safely, reliably and affordably move from your home to your regular destinations?

We understand that the community needs access to public services beyond just roads, and our Council should not keep passing the buck to the State to deal with the problem. Planning now for the expected changes in road use are critical to informing budget decisions based on when, and where people will need to park, and what they will need at their destination.

Our community and transport initiatives would put more busses on the roads, both public and community run, and better utilise network connections between homes and places of business, as well as the rail service to Brisbane.

We also need to invest in segregated infrastructure for bikes and scooters to improve safety for pedestrians and road users, especially with the growing number of e-bikes and long range mobility scooters moving people further and faster.

Resourcing social enterprises and community service providers for the benefits they deliver to our community also needs to be addressed. When the population has access to well resourced services, they have more of their own money to spend back in to their communities, driving further workplace participation and rewards; in other words, “*Jobs and Growth*”.

The biggest of challenges also needs the biggest responses, and a great deal more needs to be done to address the issue of family violence, and the homelessness it creates. Our initiatives would make more services available to those suffering from family violence, and deliver housing solutions to those facing homelessness.

Everyone deserves to live a safe and full life, no matter their ability or circumstance. We have the capacity, just not the political will. With your vote, we can change that.